Hi-Cera SN Immersion Heater Protection Tubes (Si3N4)

Immersion Heater Protection Tubes

The dominant heating method worldwide (outside Japan) has long been radiant heating using gas burners due to it’s low initial investment. Japanese furnace manufacturers have meanwhile perfected the technology of immersion heating using electrical heating elements (to improve the quality of the aluminum as well as to reduce harmful emissions and dependance on fossil fuels) and Mitsui TKR is a leading supplier of the heating element protection tubes.


Immersion heating systems are now gaining recognition outside of Japan by aluminum producers and furnace manufacturers due to the following advantages:

  • Low running costs,
  • Very stable and clean Al quality due to more homogeneous temperature distribution as well as reduced oxidation and contaminations
  • Drastically reduced local CO2 emissions

Schematic of an Al melting furnace and low pressure Al die-casting furnace with immersion heaters

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